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Bio-Active Vehicles for Advance Medications

Resdevco is a pharmaceutical research & development company specializing in the advancement of non-systemic medications based on gene expression modification.

Resdevco's Scientific Platform Is A Paradigm Change in Drug Development

Our know-how constitutes a platform that influences the production level of proteins in the cell (mainly, barrier cells) to achieve healing via Regulation of Gene Expression without interfering with genetics.

Simplified Scientific Background

The scientific discovery behind Resdevco's platform products.

Gene Expression Regulation

How is gene expression connected to Resdevco's products? 

Analogy of
The Platform

All our products, based on this platform, heal the tissue and restore a symptom-free state.

Scientific Articles

Discover the scientific research behind all of our products.

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The Inventor Behind Resdevco:
Professor Shabtay Dikstein

During 50 years of pharmaceutical research, Professor Dikstein brought 6 drugs to the international market, based on his exclusive scientific and applied knowledge. In 1980, he became a full professor in applied pharmacology at the Hebrew University and in 2012 was recognized by the university as one of the 24 groundbreaking researchers and inventors of all times.

Professor Dikstein’s research focused on the mechanisms involved in maintaining the healthy function of the cells and in the tissue integrity, particularly with regard to skin and eyes. He has written over 150 scientific papers and was a guest professor at Stanford, London and Oxford Universities. Additionally, he wrote two books and contributed to numerous articles and scientific books.

​Professor Dikstein is the founding member of the International Society for Eye Research (ISER), The International Society for Bioengineering and Skin (ISBS), and The International Society for Dacryology (ISD).


The Professor was awarded numerous prizes, among them the first prize of the Hebrew University’s Kaye Innovation Award in 1996, the Ferenc Papolczy Award of the Hungarian Society for Eye Research in 2005 and the Honorary member of Hungarian Ophthalmological Society in 2017.

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Our Products

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Commercializing Resdevco's research and transforming it into marketable medicinal products.


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