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Our Mission

At Resdevco we develop new topical applications based on groundbreaking, safe, cell-healing science. Our scientific platform employs the active substances that the body produces to combat various inflammatory and aging related ailments. Our goal is to provide safe, and effective therapies to rare and common conditions.

The Science

Resdevco is focused on developing innovative drugs for diseases characterized by the overproduction or underproduction of one or more proteins. This scientific platform is a wide-ranging treatment platform with extensive potential that enables us to address conditions in virtually any therapeutic area and pursue disease targets that are not otherwise druggable by small molecules and biologics.


Our products achieve cell healing via gene-expression-methods in a safe and natural way as follows:


  • Regulation of the gene expression with bio-active components that naturally exist in the body.


  • The process is safe as it does not modify or obstruct the gene itself.  


  • Therefore, our products achieve cell healing via 'gene expression control' in a safe and natural way.  


  • This scientific development is considered a paradigm change in drug development.

The science is developed by renowned scientists in the University of Semelwiess, the University of Szeged, the Hebrew University, and the Hadassa Medical Center.


The company owns the registration files as well as the patents and trademarks of its products. We outsource and own the R&D process across all stages of development from lab to production.


​The Process:

  • Pre-clinical testing labs in various specialization areas.


  • Patent application.


  • POC clinical trials. 


  • File development including the tests necessary for registration.


  • Registration experts are involved in the development process.

The Development

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