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Resdevco's Products

 Eye, Skin, Nose

and additional Platform based Applications



Resdevco has the ability to develop new products in a short and inexpensive process. Products are registered as Drugs or Medical devices.Some derivatives could be sold in  Cosmetic products.


Resdevco focuses on Topical Applications for the Eye, Nose and Skin which exists in  in four development categories:

Products on the Market 

Prodcts that are currently sold in a number of EU countries and North America, We are looking for distributors in  other territories.

Market-ready Products

These products are in the post development stage. We welcome distributors and new manufacturers to explore these business opportunities

Products in the Pipeline

New products and new applications for existing products in early stages of development and testing

Products in Development 

Patented Drugs and Devices that are undergoing clinical trials and will be available for distribution within 12 months