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Analogy of The Platform

Like A Dimmer of A Light Bulb

Resdevco specializes in creating products that achieve healing, using safe and natural genetic influence. The main benefactors are people with chronic conditions​.

The gene expression modification process controls the levels of specific proteins which are responsible for restoring the cell back to its normal and healthy state.

Each inflammatory condition requires identifying a specific active material that can influence the genes that control the manufacturing of those specific proteins, whose faulty level is mainly responsible for the cell (hence the tissue) damage. Restoring the normal level achieves healing and, in some cases, even curing.

A useful analogy of this method is the dimmer of a light bulb:

An ailment or a condition occurs when the level of the relevant protein in the cell is disturbed. This is similar to when there is 'too much light’ or ‘not enough light’ in the room.

As opposed to typical genetic engineering, resembling a regular light switch (it can be either On or Off), the active materials in our products work like a dimmer control. They target the gene that can 'calibrate' the required light (i.e. the protein) to the level that should be present normally. Healing happens when the targeted protein level is back to normal.

The active materials in Resdevco’s products are endogenous (i.e. are naturally present in the human body). This makes our products exceptionally effective and safe to use from a medical perspective, and as such, preferred by patients and doctors alike.

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