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Simplified Scientific Background

The Scientific Discovery Behind Resdevco’s Platform

Prof. Dikstein discovered that there is a connection between polyols and gene expression

  • mRNA regulates various proteins, e.g. HLA-DR and Filaggrin.                                          

  • Polyols regulate the expression (manufacturing) of these proteins.                                                                                                 

  • The general consequence of the above is that many simple materials may affect gene expression, especially those which naturally exist in our body.                                                                 

  • When there is cellular damage the following occurs:

HLA-DR rises (“inflammation door” opens)

FILAGGRIN or OCCLUDIN decreases (“protective protein”)

HLA-DR must decrease to stop inflammation


Resdevco's studies proved that Glycerol in combination with Xylitol regulates irritation and heals cell damage by influencing the gene expression. However, in certain applications Glycerol or Xylitol alone are sufficient.

Increases Filaggrin or Occludin level

Damage Repair

Decreases HLA-DR level

Reduces Inflammation and 
Soothes Irritation

The COMBINATION repairs cellular damage

Resdevco's platform claims based on this discovery

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