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Treatment of  Sjögren’s Syndrome-Related Dry Eye - Ecronicon article

PLoS One publication of clinical studies of Resdevco's Conheal® eye drops treating CCh

Clinical studies of Resdevco's Conheal® eye drops treating Sjögren's syndrome

Examination of the conservative treatment possibility of conjunctivochalasis

The anti-inflammatory effect of isotonic glycerol in Sjögren’s syndrome-related dry eye

The Effect of a New Tear Substitute Containing Glycerol and Hyaluronate on Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca


Cilixyl - a new trend in the treatment of rhinosinusitis

Cilixyl Poster - data and clinical trials


Water Sorption, Binding and Solubility of Polyols

Beyond the Physico-Chemical Barrier: Glycerol and Xylitol

Effect of various eye drop carrier components on the fine structure of superficial corneal epithelial cells in rabbit eyes

Protective effects of glycerol and xylitol in keratinocytes exposed to hyperosmotic stress

Topical Applications 

Resdevco has the ability to develop new products in a short and inexpensive process. Products are registered as drugs or medical devices and some derivatives could be sold in cosmetic products.

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